Scenario Builder

The world’s first web-based authorware for 3D virtual nurse training.

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What's included in the NurseSimTM Scenario Builder package?

Scenario Builder is all you need to create life-like, complex and powerful training experiences for your students.
Available as a standalone authorware tool or with pre-authored, evidence-based scenarios that can be modified by the user, Scenario Builder is a powerful, cost-effective training tool, designed for the 21st century.

Powerful, flexible, cost-effective

  • Drag and drop procedures to quickly create a new scenario

  • Change textures to provide visual clues that your client's condition has deteriorated

  • Type dialogue and hear that client speak to your trainees about their condition

  • Each Scenario attempt is tracked and recorded, down to each step in the procedure

For a fraction of the cost of in-situ or mannequin-based training, and with all the convenience of computer-based training, why not give NurseSimTM Scenario Builder a try?

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