NurseSim Classic

Applying a Uridome


WARNING: This simulation contains nudity.

Nursing care of a client with incontinence requires understanding, patience and awareness of the need to preserve dignity and self-esteem. A variety of products is available for managing incontinence; these products are designed to keep the client’s skin and clothing dry. It is important that the client chooses the aids that are most suitable for them.

A uridome is fitted over the penis and attached to a collection bag. Leg bags can be worn under normal clothing and provide an incontinent male with greater freedom of mobility. Before any appliance is fitted, the penis must be cleaned, dried and assessed. Observe that the foreskin is not retracted. Do not proceed if the client has an erection. Check for allergies; if the client has a latex allergy, use 100% silicone uridomes.

The appliance is placed over the penis and secured in position. Care must be taken to ensure that the correct size is used and it is not applied too tightly. The tubing from the appliance is connected to either a bedside collection bag or a leg bag, ensuring the tubing is not kinked and the bag is lower than the bladder. The penis should be observed for oedema and discolouration; if this is detected, the appliance must be removed immediately and reapplied more loosely. At least every 24 hours the appliance is removed and the penis cleaned and dried before reapplication. Use of such appliances may be discontinued if there are signs of skin excoriation, persistent oedema of the penis or in the case of a urinary tract infection (UTI).

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